Mens Ministry

This exciting ministry at GCOD provides engaging activities and events that inspire and support the 21st Century Christian man. Throughout the year the Men's Ministry (Apostolic Men) hosts a number of excellent teaching forums presented by local Christian leaders on a wide variety of contemporary men’s issues such as balancing your career and family, building a successful marriage, overcoming temptation, financial stewardship, improving your prayer life, living a deeper and more committed life with God and much more.

Men’s meetings are often presented at Saturday morning “Breakfast” meetings, allowing for an excellent time of brotherly fellowship and candid discussions, “breaking bread together” and provide an excellent opportunity for men to connect with one another and meet visitors and new members of the church. Other activities for the Men’s Ministry will include Prayer Nights, attending various Men’s Conferences, and other on going programs such as Saturday Afternoon Basketball.

If you are a man looking for a way to grow and develop your walk with God, and to connect with other brothers in Christ, Men's Ministry at GCOD is an excellent program to be involved in.


A strong emphasis is placed on the area of evangelism here at GCOD. Evangelism Ministry

Our mission is to offer life and hope by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Evangelism Ministry equips and empowers those who have the zeal to share the reason for the hope which God has freely given. We organize innovative projects providing a means to carry Christ's Gospel message to the community we serve. Our goal is to enable our members to share the message of eternal life through Jesus Christ, as a part of daily living.


The GCOD Singles Ministry is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual growth of single adults. Single Adult ministry is an active part of GCOD, helping to meet the needs of today's Christian singles. New members find it very helpful to be accepted into an established fellowship where they can meet new spiritual friends with which to bond. The Single Adult Ministry includes those who have never married, divorced, separated, or widowed above the age of 21.

Our Single Adult Ministry sponsors various activities throughout the year to support and facilitate growth. The activities range from prayer and fellowships, to cruising the caribeans. Single parent seminars and fellowships are held to specifically address the needs of single parents.

Women’s Ministry

The women’s ministry reaches out to the ladies of GCOD and the surrounding community in a variety of ways. We have a number of events that minister to the women such as special prayer breakfast and quartely women day services. Our goal is to have a ministry geared especially for women that will provide support spiritually, physically, emotionally, and relationally.

Covenant  Marriage Ministry

GCOD Coevenant he Marriage Ministry’s purpose is to assist couples in every stage of relational development to create a God-honoring marriage that thrives on commitment, intimacy and growth. When couples forge ahead with God they become a light of hope to others.

Winning Warriors Children's Ministry

This ministry is uniquely designed to reach kids from 3yrs old to fifth grade. Growing up in God starts at a very early age, so it is very that we provide age appropriate teaching, events, and programs for children in safe and healthy environments. From the moment they enter our door our goal is to elevate each child to grow in their relationship with God. From the tiniest of babies to the biggest of kids, Kidz is a place where fun, creativity, and the Bible come to life. We are also committed to partner with the parents of GCOD to provide dedicated cast members and resources that will empower each child and family to elevate their life in God.

The most exciting place for kids should be at church, so we want Winning Warriors to be a highlight in the life of every child, every week.

Music Ministry

The Music of GCOD is for the purpose of proclaiming the "Gospel of Jesus Christ" through music to the world around us, and to offer worship and praise to God while ministering to the body of Christ.  We understand that it is not talent that destroys the yokes in the lives of men and women, but the anointing of the"Holy Ghost."  Therefore, we are determined to pursue after God in such a way that our lives are a reflection of His glory, and the witness of His Spirit would be apparent in our ministry of music here at GCOD.

GCOD Media Ministry.

Our vision is to extend this message and experience beyond the church walls by using today’s technology. We believe that it is the express will of God to spread the Gospel to every creature. It is incumbent upon us as to use every means that God has made possible to accomplish His commission. We provide quality media resources of live GCOD services, available as CDs. And soon DVDs.


The goal for our youth is simple:

1.We want them to encounter God by seeking His presence in worship

2.Connect with God through His word - We challenge your children with relevant messages that give them purpose and direction.

3.We want to reach the youth of our community as a local congregation and partner with other churches in the Body of Christ.

4.We want ever young person to realize and find out their purpose for life.

If you are in middle or high school come kick it with us! You can connect with old friends, new friends, and be accepted amongst some cool peeps like yourself.

Dance Ministry/Drama Ministry

Skilled individuals who minister through dance that gives worship to God and edifies the Body of Christ. Teaching the Word of God through skits, plays and video production.

Prison Ministry

“We are reestablishing core values in these men and women , standards that may have fallen short over the years or in some cases, not established at all, things like how to be a good husband and father; wife and mother and how to be responsible for a family.”

A team of men and women faithfully to  a timely message of encouragement and hope. The team is excited about the positive results they’ve seen, stating, “We are changing lives, bringing families together, giving these men and women some understanding for their lives that only comes from hearing the Word of God.”

As this ministry works to help point inmates in the right direction, it is equally important to reach out to the entire family.

GCOD Prison Team

Welcomes your prayers to see this ministry continue bearing fruit and effectively bring hope to men and women  that may have temporary lost their way in life.

Young Adult Ministry

This dynamic ministry at GCOD was established to provide an empowering and supportive forum for young adults between the ages of 18-25 years of age. During this time in lives of many young adults there can be a bumpy road of growth and transition as many strive to establish their new path of independence and Christian Adulthood. The Young Adult Ministry at GCOD provides young adults with the support, instruction, and activities to successfully grow into strong and successful Christian Adults and leaders.


The Great Commission calls us to lay hands on the sick that they might recover and to set the captives free from the bondages of the enemy. We believe that we are to continue the work of the original apostles in the ministry of laying on of hands with the result being healing and deliverance. In order to live full lives as Christ desires for us, we must be full gospel -- people who embrace every part of Jesus' ministry to the people. God has called us to creative miracles and supernatural deliverance. Who the Son sets free, is free indeed.

Usher Ministry

Usher Ministry is part of the Helps Ministry 1Cor 12:28 The word help(s) comes from the Greek word antilepsis or antilempsis, which means “to lay hold of so as to support.”

As ushers we serve the Lord by supporting our pastor through the orderly movement, seating and behavior of the people in all worship service activities in order that they might receive maximum blessings from His presence.

Ushering is a ministry. Ushering is valid, anointed and necessary to the effective operation of the body

Missions Ministry

Our Mission "Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation", as Christ instructed in Mark 16:15, in the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit that all might see and know that He is God and come to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our Missions Ministry is to be a vessel for dynamic, life-changing, eternal impact in and through the "Short-Term" Missions Trips that God sets before us like Haiti and Santo Domingo where schools and churches are set up; to make a notable difference by focusing our prayers, resources, and ministries as the Lord directs through targeted tactical and strategic missions ministry. 

Thanksgiving & Angel Tree Outreaches

Annually we are ministering to over needy families at Thanksgiving and more than children and their families through the Angel Tree program at Christmas.  These outreaches allow our entire congregation to be involved in reaching out to needy and hurting families, by delivering food, gifts and bringing hope and the Word of God to them.

Food Pantry

We offer high quality food for individuals and families in the community as a supplement to their income.

"Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others." Philippians 2:4
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